Competency Verification Reimagined

We are response oriented problem solvers for industrial safety. We deliver the most comprehensive compliance software to verify and track skills, knowledge and equipment. Our commitment is to build a software solution tailored to your business.

Industries Served

Oil & Gas
Industrial Based Medical

Product Features

eVAL provides an effective and affordable comprehensive management software system for the industrial sector. We accomplish this using input collected from industry clients and results from extensive field-testing to ensure that eVal addresses real needs. Our features include:

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Cloud Based

eVAL operates through a system of cloud-based communications. There is no added hardware or start-up time needed.


In-app customization allows eVAL to adapt to your specific needs and work environment.

iPad Enabled

Access all of your information anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection - No I.T. Department required!

Information Management

eVAL provides a single source for uploading and managing certifications for employees and equipment.

Click & Assign

eVAL's simple "Click & Assign" functionality makes assigning competency plans easier and quicker for managers.

Team Builder

Easily build and assign teams based on employee capabilities and equipment availability.

Instant Alerts

Automated text and email alerts/reminders improve and track communications while ensuring important details never go unnoticed.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time updates mean more efficient monitoring of teams and workloads.

Competency Library

Access all needed documents via eVAL's expansive and customizable competency library.

User Access

Easily create new user accounts.


Track progress on any problem areas or other issues.

Secure Access

Securely grant permissions and manage roles.

Attach Documents

Increase efficiency by providing easy access to reference documents at the point of eVALuation.

Employee Evaluation

Perform multiple employee assessments for increased efficiency.

Quick Job Creator

Quick uploading of the information needed to get new jobs up and running.

Resource Management

Manage teams and equipment locations with a process that fits the project.

Who We Serve

Environmental, Health & Safety
Human Resources
Quality Assurance/Control
Risk Management

How It Works

Our secure, portable, cloud-based system was built by professionals in the oil and gas industry for the oil and gas industry. eVAL’s real-time updates offer an accurate overview of all ongoing projects at anytime from anywhere with a basic Internet connection. Its capabilities make it simple to view the management work flow status of multiple projects from a single device, as well as build, plan and manage work teams and equipment.

eVAL Competency Management Software from eVAL on Vimeo.

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Positive Reviews

“Blending incredible technology with a dedicated team makes [eVAL] not only a pleasure to work with, but a necessity…”

– Training and Development Specialist, December 2013

“The methodology used is not only effective but it is state-of-the-art technology.”

– Training and Development Specialist, December 2013

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Based in the heart of the Gulf South, eVAL started with a need and created a solution based on client driven demand and expertise from the field. We will not only meet the needs and expectations of your industry, but exceed them. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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